If you’re the type of person who goes through cables like it’s ice cream, it might be time to invest in more durable accessories. Nomad has now just announced their newest line-up of products and they say it’s their strongest cables yet. Well, considering that it’s coated with Kevlar then it should be really that durable already. They have several different ones including USB-C to Lightning, Lightning to USB-A, USB-C to USB-C, and their Universal Cable that they dub “one cable to rule them all.”

Talking about cables for your devices isn’t really that sexy but considering how much we use our phones, tablets, and computers, they’re a necessity. The new Nomad cables have Kevlar coats both in its outer braid and central core. Each cable also has metal alloy connector plugs, an integrated cable tie and it comes with MFi certification (for some variants) and a 5-year warranty, in case the Kevlar isn’t enough protection for your rugged lifestyle.

Aside from the Kevlar protection, the overmold that connects the charging tips to the cable has also been completely redesigned so that you have a strong tip to cable connection. Just like most of its products, the cables come in a clean black look so if you prefer your accessories to be colorful, then this isn’t the brand for you. But it looks pretty neat if you’re the type who wants your accessories to be uniform and monochromatic.

Nomad is bringing its first USB-C to Lightning cable which will be available in 1.5m and 3m lengths. They also have a 100W USB-C cable that can charge not just your phone but even your USB-C powered computers like MacBooks. The Universal Cable meanwhile gives you USB-C, Lightning, and Micro-USB tips united with a USB-A tip and has both .3m and 1.5m lengths. There are 11 different variants in this Nomad Kevlar line-up.

The cables are now up for pre-order on their website and on Amazon and is expected to start shipping by July 18. The universal variants, however, start by August 5. Prices range from $30-$45 depending on what cable you want to get.