There are lots of universal USB C cables available in the market but not every model is reliable. Unfortunately, some products being sold are non-compliant to the standards. It is important that consumers check on their sources and where they are getting the products so you are guaranteed of quality always. For USB C Cables, there’s Nomad to trust with its new Universal USB C Cable.

What makes this Nomad Universal USB C Cable is that it features integrated multi-tip charging options to charge any Micro USB or USB C device. It boasts of a core cable that is actually high output USB C to USB C cable. Included are a pair of tips–a legacy Micro USB and a legacy USB A. The two can be used to charge older Android phones, wireless mouse, wireless headphones, or headlamps, as well as, other devices you can charge from old USB A ports.

This Nomad Universal USB C Cable can even be used to fast-charge a MacBook Pro. It offers USB 2.0 data transfer and a braided 500D Nylon woven ballistic nylon cable. The product has been 10K Mil-spec flex tested so you know it’s premium quality.

The 4-IN-1 CABLE is tough enough to withstand anything. It’s also easy to use and is very much available at only $29.95. You can order one now at a lower price with the 10% discount.