nokia z launcher android app

Hey, did you know Nokia is getting some more Android lovin’? Actually, it’s more like the other way around: Android is getting a lot of Nokia stuff these days. Nokia may not be getting back into the handset business and will focus on other important stuff but an Android tablet by Nokia has recently rolled out. The Nokia N1 was introduced a couple of days ago complete with the Nokia Z Launcher homescreen.

The new Nokia Z Launcher has been in beta mode the past months but it’s only now that the app is available in the Google Play Store. Nokia was excited to announce that the app now also runs on rooted devices as requested by the beta-testers and those active in Nokia’s forum.

The former top phone manufacturer updated the app to make it faster. Nokia tried to make small speed improvements on specific handsets including finger tracking latency. The company also made better prediction by bringing context and improvement to algorithm data. Response and recognition time of the Scribble feature have been improved too.

Nokia Z Launcher App is available for download from the Google Play Store

Z Launcher is available on Android mobile phones running 4.1 OS

SOURCE: Z Launcher