Nokia XR20

Last month, the Nokia XR20 was teased before the official product launch. We knew it would be one tough phone and just a couple of weeks ago, the Nokia XR20 rugged smartphone was finally introduced. It was announced together with the Nokia C30. The Nokia XR20 has been designed to withstand the test of life. It can survive in different environments from extreme temperatures to a drop from 1.8m height or one hour under water. The device is also protected by Corning Gorilla Glass Victus.

Are rugged phones really needed? Yes, but not by everyone. There is a target market for that. Some people may just be clumsy that they need something more durable than regular smartphones.

So how is the Nokia XR20 rugged? A teardown video tells us how the phone can be considered “life-proof”. Thanks to PBK Reviews for doing it. We can see that the device is easy to open because most of the parts are modular.

With the components being modular, this means they are also easily replaceable. With a plastic pry tool and heat, the phone’s back cover is easy to open. It’s only plastic but the device boasts IP68 rating already.

LEGO-style cable connectors and screws have been used here. They are easy to take out. We can see how the phone is water-resistant–there are plenty of rubber around. The phone’s build is strong because the mid-frame is aluminum. The extra rubber inside also offer cushioning and protection when the phone is dropped.

Replacing the screen can be a bit challenging though because you need to take out the rear cover, battery, black protective plates, and all the adhesive pull tabs. You need to take out the screen sable so you can remove the screen and repair or replace.


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