When news of the Microsoft take-over of Nokia’s mobile division first came out, people were both apprehensive and excited to see what would come out of this partnership. If the recently unveiled X2 is any indication, it’s an improvement over the previous models in Nokia’s X series but for an Android phone, it still has a long way to go before it can catch up with other brands.

Just four months after Nokia launched the Nokia X and XL, the introduction of the X2 seems to indicate that Microsoft was not too happy with their initial foray into the Android platform. While it still has the same vibrant colours that we’ve come to know from Nokia, these ones are shinier and has a translucent outer layer. It’s still plastic, but now it’s shinier. The current colours available are glossy green, orange or black, but later on, they will also be adding glossy yellow, white and matte dark gray.


In terms of its hardware, the X2’s processor is slightly higher, now with a 1.2 GHz dual-core Snapdragon 200 compared to the 1 GHz of the X model. The RAM has been doubled to 1GB as well. The X2 has a bigger 4.3 inch screen and has two buttons, one a home button (a new feature for the X series) and the back key is for showing the list of your recent or still-running app. The rear camera is nothing to sing home about at 5MP, but at least now they do have a front-facing camera as well so you can use it to Skype and video chat.

The UI looks like a cross between the custom Android look of the X series and the Windows Phone interface, but now with a dedicated Apps List page. The Nokia Store reportedly now also carries third-party apps but the implementation of it is still unclear. The X2 of course will be more expensive than the other X models, at around $135.