A dog, a UFO, and a colorful tree. A space craft, an ‘X’, and a green beam of light. Nokia, Android, Mobile World Congress. All these things go together, as Nokia continues to have a lot of fun teasing us ahead of their MWC 2014 announcement, part of which is likely an Android handset. This time around, we get a fun little picture of a dog under a tree — but what’s it all about?

When you appreciate the clues in their entirety, it seems Nokia is just having a bit of fun in their twilight. Via Sina Weibo, the Chinese microblogging site, Nokia has been introducing little pictures here and there to ramp up interest ahead of their announcement. There have been monkeys, a treasure map — and now a dog.


Does it refer to dogfooding, the popular term for testing devices or apps out internally? The tree is the same one we saw the monkeys playing in, but where are they now? Some Chinese believers in Feng Shui consider 2014 to be a good year for those born in the year of the dog, so maybe that’s it… the dog is finally having his day!


Either way, it’s a lot of green. Green in that hue means Android, and if we are getting that Nokia X we expect — look out. The feeding frenzy might be fierce for a Nokia Android handset, especially considering it could end up a collectors item straight away. As Nokia becomes part of Microsoft, we’ll likely never see another Nokia Android handset again. Nokia’s official announcement for their MWC event said “meet us under the tree”, so in addition to an Android phone, we’ll keep our eyes peeled for monkeys and dogs.


VIA: GforGames