Juho Sarvikas, Chief Product Officer & Vice President North America at HMD Global has shared an interesting tweet regarding what might be the Nokia 6.3 frontal design prototype in works. Although Juho has not directly hinted about anything, the 6:30 time display on the lockscreen of the rendered device makes us believe it very well could be the sliding mechanism phone.

The slightly offset sliding mechanics of the phone shown in the rendered sketches show how the phone will have all-directional freedom in side to side, as well as top and down movement. This interesting design revealed by the company has the Nokia logo at the bottom, however, the practical functionality is not clearly evident in the life-like product render.

The angle slider might be in works for future Nokia phones, taking inspiration from the Nokia N95. Functionality-wise in 2020, this means a set of speakers revealed when the phone is slid in the desired direction or moving the slider downwards to expose the selfie camera. The movement in both portrait and landscape mode can be initiated with a single hand for a more practical, ergonomic approach.

This unique design will aid in high fidelity gaming or multimedia experience with the hidden speakers behind the main top screen or help conceal a high-quality camera sensor which only shows up when needed. Of course one cannot deny the fact that such a phone could become reality in the coming months given the LG Wing and Galaxy Z Fold 2 have been accepted by the mainstream community. After all, smartphone innovation is all about making the usability experience richer and productive.


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