We remember the Withings Steel HR from last year and now we’ve got a new iteration of the watch. The Nokia Steel Limited Edition has just launched as a hybrid smartwatch.You may have forgotten about it but Nokia purchased Withings before and now the brand is launching a new wearable device. It’s actually just a new version of the Nokia Steel but it looks more sleek and luxurious in Full Black or Rose Gold.

Don’t expect any new feature or improvement. The smartwatch simply just shows a slightly different look and style but still with the same function and “ease of use”. You can get either of the Rose Gold or Full Black with a leather strap plus an additional one for a price. Between the two, the Rose Gold variant is more expensive at $149.95 while the Full Black costs only $129.95. The Nokia Steel Limited Edition smartwatches can be purchased straight from the online store of Nokia.

Features of the Nokia Steel Limited Edition include health tracking provided by the Health Mate app, Bluetooth connectivity (Bluetooth Low Energy), Day & Night motion sensor, CR2025 button cell battery, and special sensors to count the steps, distance, calories, running distance, swimming duration, and sleep.