Is Nokia venturing into the smart home game? That is what we’re looking at now that reports of a Nokia smart TV have been surfacing online. Rumor has it Flipkart will be offering the Nokia-branded smart TV in India. This entry into the smart TV business follows Motorola, OnePlus, and Huawei who have recently ventured into the smart TV industry. No big launch has been made yet but the India e-tailer is said to have made a related announcement last week.

The Nokia smart TV is said to be released with a 50-inch screen with 4K ultra-HD panel. It may run on Android 9.0 with Google Play Store which means some Android apps can be downloaded and enjoyed.

As for smart TV features, the Nokia smart TV may arrive with an Intelligent Dimming technology. We are assuming it can automatically adjust screen brightness through local micro dimming. It may also have something to do with adjusting lights and darks. With this tech, we can expect deeper black levels and better contrast. Picture contrast quality may be optimized in real-time for a better viewing experience.

Launch of the Nokia smart TV may happen next month in time for the Christmas shopping season. Features may include sound technology provided by JBL by Harman.

Don’t be surprised if you don’t see the HMD name anywhere. Flipkart teamed up with Nokia. The latter is simply allowing Flipkart to use the Nokia brand for smart TVs for release in India. This is not the first time the e-commerce site is releasing a smart TV. There is also the MarQ by Flipkart smart TV series.