While most of the activity trackers and smartwatches now claim to also help track your sleep, the accuracy and usefulness of that aspect can sometimes be called into question. Nokia meanwhile has launched a new advanced sensor to give you a better overview of your sleeping patterns and habits. It’s not something you wear, but more like something you sleep on. The Nokia Sleep will soon be available in the market, most likely the first quarter, and it will cost you $99.95.

The sensor is actually built into a mattress pad which you can then slip under your mattress and it will then record your sleep patterns. It will sync all the data into your Nokia Health app and every morning when you wake up, you’ll get a sleep score. It will also be able to monitor your snoring patterns and give you information on whether your sleep was actually restorative. The Sleep Smarter program within the app will give you tips on how you can improve your sleeping habits over time.

If you have a lot of smart home devices, you can also integrate it with the IFTTT automation app so that it can trigger some behaviors when you’re asleep. For example, you can program it so that it will turn off the lights or turn up the temperature when you get in your bed or to turn on the lights when you get out of it. The Health Mate app is also now integrated with Amazon Alexa so you can just any Alexa-powered device not just for your sleeping stats but also for your health progress.

Nokia Sleep was unveiled at this year’s CES and if you’re at the venue, you can check it out. But it is expected to be released sometime in the first quarter. Sign up for updates if you want to be one of the first one to know when it’s finally available.