Nokia appears to have stepped up in their patent dispute against HTC. This latest move involves an additional patent complaint that was filed with the International Trade Commission (ITC) on Thursday. The round involves the HTC One and it seems Nokia is seeking to ban US imports of the handset. Nokia has added six patent claims to the list of 44 and this all touches back to actions that began in 2012.

Nokia has said that with these actions they are looking to “end the unauthorized use of our proprietary innovations and technologies.” Further comments from Nokia include; Since then, despite the German courts confirming infringements of Nokia patents in HTC products, HTC has shown no intention to end its practices; instead it has tried to shift responsibility to its suppliers. We have therefore taken these further steps to hold HTC accountable for its actions.”

Or in simpler terms, these complaints are dealing with issues to include the Broadcom and Qualcomm chips as well as items related to radio frequencies. Some of this may sound familiar as last month Nokia went after HTC claiming the microphone used in the One was in breach of an exclusivity agreement. In addition, HTC had an injection coming out of Germany that dealt with power consumption and the Qualcomm chipset.

Time will tell how this will all play out for HTC, however in the meantime this could bring some complications if the import ban is granted. In addition to the updated ITC complaint, there was also another suit filed in the US District Court for the Southern District of California San Diego.

This suit is also against HTC and includes three patents that deal with items from ten phones in total — including the HTC First and the HTC One. All in all, Nokia has a total of 50 patent complaints against HTC, which includes these recently added nine patents. Finally, the ITC complaint against HTC will resume later this month.

SOURCE: FOSS Patents, ZDNet, AllThingsD


  1. They could succeed, but considering that Nokia is loosing ground and could eventually go bankrupt because of their stupid idea of using Windows on their phones, why would they spend money on a lawsuit? I mean, they should drop Windows instead and join “The Force”. And, they should learn from Apple on what happens when you want to sue another company because of patent infringements. You can learn from Apple that suing other companies is a sign of weakness. It’s a sign that you’re loosing ground and sales and instead of innovating and doing something to increase sales, you just sue those companies. In my opinion, it’s such a stupid thing to do. I wouldn’t go into a patent war unless someone was really copying my designs. Like the first Galaxy S which, I have to say was a blatant copy of the iPhone 3 (but only the first Galaxy S, not the next ones). Come on, put out good things, innovative things that catch people’s interest and make them want to buy your stuff. If Apple is loosing market share is because they are no longer innovating, it’s just always the same. If Nokia is going bankrupt it’s not because of their designs. Nokia’s phones are amongst the best built phones. They have always built beautiful and solid phones. Sadly, what counts is what is in it, not the shell. So, Nokia, stop bullshiting and put out something people want. Don’t go all Apple freak.

    • I say let them spend their tiny stacks of cash suing it wont help. I do like your point about today’s innovation is on how to sue other companies for making a headset with the same color as yours. LOL. Again Apple can sue, they have proven themselves as a tech innovator and have the right to uphold their patents to the fullest, but Nokia with a window’s phone…. ummm really…. Truthfully the only Nokia phones I hear about are their rock’n camera on a couple phones and those aren’t even Windows Phones(I’m pretty sure of this but could be wrong) LOL So it’s not like they have a point to prove because if they did they would be in better standings rather than only holding 2.1% of the market which is 90% of the Windows phone market… how lame.

  2. nokia go home because you saw htc sold 5 million phones now you want to bring them down nokia is burning inside and joules of HTC

  3. Korean companies have a long history of copying. I have confidence that Nokia will succeed and make them stop this copying nonsense.


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