Nokia has announced they’ll be at MWC this year, replete with a press conference. That may not sound exciting, but as Nokia leaves the hardware business, it actually could be. With Nokia’s divulgence of their aim, both past and future, we could be getting something we’ve always wanted.

 Nokia’s hardware division has been sold off, with Microsoft bringing the team in-house to continue making Windows Phone hardware. Nokia has since been left with three main components: a network infrastructure branch, maps service, and licensing and development. Since the sale, we’ve seen plenty of Nokia Android concepts. Conceivably, they could introduce one or more of those at MWC.

Unfortunately, due to their sale of the hardware division to Microsoft, they can’t make handsets until about 2016 that bear the Nokia name. We’ll hold off hopes until that time, but all may not be lost. Nokia could have the ability to make wearable technology this year. We’d heard rumblings of a smartwatch, and there are others who say Nokia is making a Google Glass-like device. Without a hardware branch, though, it will be a tough proposition.

Nokia may not be able to license their name to a handset for a full two years, but where do wearables fit in? Time will tell. Their press conference is scheduled the first day of MWC, so if we get news of any Android devices (or software) from Nokia, we’ll be sure to let you know. We’ll be on the ground at MWC, so be sure to check back for all your Android — and Nokia — news.
VIA: The Verge