Nokia’s new CEO and former Microsoft man Stephen Elop has been blunt with workers when he says that the company is standing on a burning platform with regards to MeeGo. All the blunt talk about how poorly Nokia is performing had me hoping that the company would turn to an interesting OS like Android for its smartphones.

Apparently, Nokia even considered Android for a while and ultimately chose to pass on Android. Elop said, “There are too many players” in the Android market and worried that Nokia wouldn’t be able to differentiate its products.

Since Nokia didn’t think it could stand out in the Android market it opted to go with Window Phone 7 as the OS for some of its offerings. That is really no surprise considering Elop’s pedigree. The question is will Nokia be able to differentiate in a market where Microsoft is having a hard time competing with its mobile OS, which is only slightly less aflame than MeeGo.

Via SlashGear