After learning about Nokia’s partnership with Xiaomi, now we’re learning that the company has also started collaborating with ZEISS to improve imaging on the Nokia Android devices. This isn’t exactly surprising because the two companies already partnered a few years back. This new team-up will have Nokia using ZEISS exclusively to improve imaging technology.

Nokia is really serious in bringing its commitment to the forefront. Its partnership will enhance its imaging standards as ZEISS is known for premium lens. Nokia and Zeiss started working almost a decade ago. The two have a shared history so this renewed partnership is expected to deliver innovative products and technologies the consumers will really find useful and efficient.

Zeiss on a Nokia phone? That is more than welcome. If you may remember, the two introduced the first multi-megapixel mobile smartphone. The old Nokia Nseries and phones with PureView had the Zeiss mark.

Member of the Executive Board of ZEISS Group Dr. Matthias Metz said:

“The collaboration of HMD Global with ZEISS for Nokia smartphones will again enhance consumers’ holistic imaging experience based on excellence and innovation. Our partnership is built on a solid foundation. Together, we look forward to an exciting journey into the future of sophisticated smartphone imaging.”

HMD Global-Nokia and ZEISS’ partnership will hopefully up the ante of future Nokia phones. As early as now, we’re crossing our fingers that Nokia will release something more premium and more advanced. Hopefully, the addition of Zeiss lens will drive more people to buy an Android-powered Nokia phone.