We have some potentially awesome news to share with you all this Friday afternoon. While it might be a little premature, Nokia could in fact finally be realizing they should have gone with Android — the best mobile OS in the world. New reports are surfacing today that Nokia is looking to hire some new “principle software engineers” and many think this could finally be their arrival into the world of Android.

A job posting has appeared on LinkedIn by Nokia looking for a software engineer but it’s the fine details that have many excited about the job posting. It reads: “Principal Software Engineer, Embedded Linux Middleware at Nokia” and then is followed by “job will be to oversee the development of embedded Linux device software and hardware drivers for our exciting new products.” That last bit being the important part.

As you all know and many including Gizmodo are pointing out, Android is based off of a Linux kernel at its core — and we all know what Windows Phone uses. This is truly exciting as Nokia has some of the most amazing hardware in the business. Well if you ask me of course. We’ve heard Nokia talk about a backup plan before if Windows Phone doesn’t succeed or work out as well as hoped. While those predictions were bold — Could this be the first step?

At this point MeeGo is basically all but dead. A few other Linux-based operating systems are supposedly in the works by Samsung but it doesn’t make sense for Nokia to jump on that sinking ship. The only logical thing here is either some of Nokia’s awesome apps for Android, or they will indeed take the jump we’ve all been waiting for and try their hand at the world of Android smartphones. Hopefully Nokia’s new Linux expert gets cracking on some Android 4.2.1 Jelly Bean goodness and they release a phone in due time.

Who’s excited about this idea? Share your thoughts below.