There has been a lot of talk and hope regarding Nokia coming over to the dark side we all know and love as Android. Or is it the good side? Sadly they went the Windows Phone route and so far have absolutely no plans on jumping ship and building an Android smartphones. While we’ve seen little leaks suggesting the possibility, a recent interview with Nokia CEO Stephen Elop has up hoping again.

The thought of Nokia building Windows Phone smartphones and an Android tablet sure are far-fetched, but during a recent interview with some Australian reporters he didn’t rule out the idea. While chatting with a few folks Nokia’s CEO declared that the company is certainly looking at and considering a tablet. While his original words were all about Microsoft’s Windows OS and the Surface tablet, when asked about which OS the tablet would run Android wasn’t ruled out.

“We would consider any option… It is important to note that the opportunity for companionship is something that any user is looking for. So when you think about the Lumia 920, running on Windows Phone, having a Windows tablet or PC or Xbox is something that will give us the opportunity to have a pretty integrated experience. Our first focus on what we look at is clearly in the Microsoft side. But we have made no decision or announced nothing.”

Clearly stating the Microsoft side is the first focus, but they’ve not made any decisions or ruled out other possibilities. That’s when you take a second look at Android. Being an ever growing and competitive market a top quality Nokia Android tablet would surely shake things up.

Most likely we won’t be seeing any tablets from Nokia any time soon. And even if we do, it’s highly doubtful that they’ll be running Android. If things don’t improve in the Windows world we could see Nokia dipping into the green waters eventually. For now, don’t get your hopes up. Thoughts?

[via Unwired View]