The black version of the Android-powered Nokia 6 has been available for a couple of weeks now in the US, but if silver smartphones are more your speed, then you should be happy now that this variant is finally available for pre-orders on Amazon. It will be shipped for you in 1-3 weeks but if you choose the Amazon Prime-exclusive model, it will reach you by August 18 so you’re not really sure which one is faster.

When the Nokia 6 went on sale, the “comebacking” (or at least trying to) OEM gave customers two options: a regular ad-free version and then a cheaper version that would show ads on the lock screen, which is what the ad-supported Kindle devices have as well. There will be two more color options available: Copper and Blue. The former will supposedly be available by August 18, but the latter doesn’t seem to be on stock in the Amazon website or maybe they haven’t uploaded it yet.

If you buy from Amazon, the smartphones are unlocked but you will still be able to use them with either AT&T or T-Mobile. However if you use it on AT&T, it only has partial LTE support while on T-Mobile, it has full 4G LTE support. But if the carrier you’re using in the US is in the CDMA network, then you wont be able to use the unlocked version.

The standard silver Nokia 6 version (actually any of the colors), meaning the one with the ads, will cost you $229. The ad-supported version is obviously cheaper at $179.99 so if you don’t mind seeing ads on your phone, go for it.

VIA: Nokia Power User