This may not be much because it is a cheap phone but we’re interested to know if this $70 Nokia 1 can be durable enough for its price. How durable is durable? Well, maybe just good and sturdy enough to survive being placed inside your pocket with keys or coins inside or maybe being sat on while inside the back pocket of your jeans. These are practical situations so let’s see if it can really survive since Nokia has always been known for quality.

We’re not expecting a lot from the Nokia 1 but we’re surprised the screen scratches at level 6, with a deeper groove at level 7–just like most phones today. The sides easily scratch because of the plastic while the back panel can be easily scratched.

The earpiece cover can be easily removed while the silver Nokia logo at the back can be taken out.

The screen turns to black after being placed under the heat for 22 seconds. It quickly recovers so it’s already impressive.

The only problem we see is that it bends from the back and the front. Interestingly, there is no complete damage so the phone still works.

If you want a secondary mobile phone or a smartphone to give to your kid, the Nokia 1 is decent enough to survive normal, everyday use. Don’t expect speed and top performance because this is only a budget-friendly smartphone.