At some point during your life, you have probably fought with a combination lock on something and wished for an easier way to secure your stuff. Whether it’s forgetting the code for your bike lock or not being able to get a locker open at school, fiddling with keys and combinations can be a pain. A new lock has surfaced called Noke that requires no keys or combinations to open.

Noke uses Bluetooth connectivity and an app on your Android or iOS device to unlock. With the app running on your Bluetooth equipped smartphone, the Noke lock will unlock automatically when you get near it. One of the cooler features of the Noke lock is that you can also unlock it remotely.

That means you can give someone access to your locker while you are on vacation or let someone share your bike without having to go and unlock it for them. When the user gets within ten feet of the lock, it will unlock automatically via Bluetooth. That feature can be turned off in the app. Users can get push notifications to tell you when the lock is being unlocked.


The people behind Noke have also made a custom bike chain and mount so you can keep your bike safe and secure. For times when your phone is dead or lost, the Noke does have quick click access that allows you to open it by clicking the lock shackle in a specific pattern. Noke is on Kickstarter now seeking $100,000 and it has raised over $240,000 with 27 days to go. The lock will ship in February 2015, if all goes well, and a pledge of $59 can get you your own Noke.

SOURCE: Kickstarter