Another entry has arrived in the wearable space today. This one is a ring called Nod that brings the promise of “beautiful, touchless interaction.” Essentially, those wearing the Nod ring will be able to control items around them with a wave of the hand.

Nod has support for a variety of devices and platforms. There is support for Android, as well as Mac and Windows. Also noted was support for specific products such as Nest, Hue, WeMo and GoPro. Some of the provided examples include being able to adjust your thermostat, pressing play on your smartphone, and adjusting the lights.


The key here — those things can all be done with simple hand gestures, and from across the room. At the moment the Nod gesture ring is available in black, though the company has said they are exploring more color options. The battery life is “one day of active use” and it can be charged with the included box charger. Basically, you plug the box into a wall outlet or microUSB and then sit the ring in the box.


Other highlights here include the Nod being waterproof (to 5 atmospheres) and available in a variety of sizes. The Nod is priced at $149 and currently available for pre-order. Having said that, the question now comes down to whether you want to wear a ring and use gestures to control the various supported items around your house.