It may not be a huge commercial thing and so there’s no major announcement or hoopla, but apparently Google is closing down a small part of their education initiative. Google Play for Education, an app store that encouraged educators and students to use tablets and the apps of course to learn something new, is now being discontinued by the tech giant for various reasons, although none of which they will admit outright.

Two years ago, Google put the Play for Education program in place not just to get more students to use Android tablets but to give them and their educators as well, access to specialized content focusing on using digital channels for education. But now it seems like this hasn’t been working for Google as they will no longer be issuing licenses to partner tablet vendors by March 14. What they will do is to continue letting customers use the app store to look for education-focused programs well until their device actually work. So technically, it’s not really closing down Google Play for Education, but discontinuing adding further programs and licenses.

The more successful Chromebook laptops, also being positioned for educational purposes, will probably carry on the mantle. They have been able to compete well in the market, unlike the Play tablets that were not as effective and couldn’t hold a candle to the iPad as far as using tablets for education is concerned. The upcoming touch-screen Chromebooks can very well function as tablets, so who needs a redundant product right?

In the official statement from Google, instead of focusing on the fact that the Google Play for Education program itself is not continuing anymore, they focused on their commitment to providing “best in class tools for the classroom”, but this time through the Chromebooks.