So if you’re one of the owners of Jide Technology’s Remix Mini, you might notice an update prompt when you turn on your device. Remix Mini is the desktop alternative that runs on Jide’s Remix OS – a flavor of Android that allows multi-window, multi-tasking processes. We need to tell you that this update will take out Google Mobile Services (GMS) from your Remix Mini.


Jide has officially spoken out about this concern, and rightly so. If Remix Mini owners are not aware of this, they might suddenly discover that their device does not have the Google Play Store, Google Play Services, Gmail, and Youtube among others – all after running this new update. Earlier versions of the Remix OS pre-loaded on the Remix Mini had (GMS) installed. This update uninstalls it.

Jide says that Google is pushing for a “consistent experience across all Android devices for all apps”. Google has noticed that in the Remix Mini – the device having a windowed approach – some apps do not work as expected, so Google has asked Jide to remove GMS for now. GMS is still available in other Remix devices such as their tablets. Also, the update features a new Remix Central Utility, which acts like a third-party app store for now.


There is still a way to get GMS onto the Remix Mini after this update, and that is via sideloading. Follow these instructions:

1. Download the GMSInstaller APK.
2. Install the APK on your Remix Mini.
3. Enjoy GMS!

There is still a chance that GMS will return to the Remix Mini platform soon, if Jide and Google can work out their concerns. There are 2 options for Remix Mini users: 1) pass on the update, stay with an older version of Remix OS and keep GMS. This will however keep you from getting the newest bug fixes on the new update and keep you from future updates as well. The second option is 2) get the update and sideload GMS. There might be some bugs here and there, but you still get the best of both worlds.

VIA: Liliputing