The Nintendo Switch gaming console may be an old thing but it can still be upgraded with better software and technology. In 2017, Cyanogen was asked to work with Nintendo for the Switch. We’re not sure what happened to that but we learned Nintendo Switch being switched to an Android tablet is a possibility. Some modder did it earlier this year. The question of Android running on Nintendo Switch has been answered already. It is possible but the system is still in the works.

Several developers were able to run Android Q on the Nintendo Switch already. A group of devs known as Switchroot (@switchroot_org) has shared a video showing a Nintendo Swith running Overwatch. It works via Nvidia’s GameStream.

What happens is a dekstop does the streaming. The client on the console decodes the stream without any frames dropping.

Aside from GameStream, GeForce Now also works. The cloud streaming service of Nvidia apparently works on other consoles.

Switch running Android is said to improve performance score of 224,495. The GPU is more impressive with 133,785.

Another related mod is the Nintendo Switch being able to boot into TWRP. The latter is a special recovery that allows easier rooting or ROMing for those who don’t fully undersatnd coding and development.

If you’re interested to run Android on the Nintendo Switch. It can be transformed into an Android-powered tablet with a simple hack. It’s not a perfect Android system but good enough.

The Switchroot groups suggests that you don’t need to wait for console ports. There is no point in doing so because GameStream is enough. It supports Steam and therefore, more games can be supported.

We’re not exactly fans of Overwatch but its run on the Switch means many related games can be played. The more titles than can be streamed, the better.