It seems that Nintendo might finally be on its way to bite the mobile gaming bullet but not in the way that many might want it to. The latest rumor claims that the Japanese gaming company is experimenting on an Android tablet that is particularly targeted for the education sector.

Nintendo has been quite firm in its stance against releasing games on mobile platforms. After all, it has a business to run. And that business revolves around its gaming hardware just as much as it does around the games played on them. It is quite understandable that the company stubbornly refuses to make a move that would take it away from its profit sources. However, the rise of mobile devices and mobile gaming is something that it cannot deny and, it seems, cannot stay away from for long.

Another hallmark of Nintendo’s gaming culture is its family-friendly focus, with very few titles daring to go beyond the confines of what is considered safe and comfortable. It is no wonder, then, that a bunch of tweets from a supposed software engineer from Nintendo of America claims that Nintendo is working on an Android tablet with an educational bent. Sure, the games might feature Nintendo’s iconic characters like Mario, Luigi, Zelda, or Link, but in the end, these will be educational games that will be using such mascots for marketing purposes and audience appeal only.

This is definitely a far cry from what gamers might be hoping for, that is, full-fledged Nintendo games on Android. Still, if true, this would be a rather surprising move even for the normally slow-moving Nintendo. Of course, the company has refused to comment on rumors, and won’t even confirm whether the source of the tweets is even an employee at all.

VIA: VentureBeat