Do you want the good news or the bad news first? Well, if you’ve been looking on enviously as your iOS friends have been playing Super Mario Run for the past few weeks, then soon your Android device will be able to play the addictive game, along with another new title from Nintendo called Fire Emblem Heroes. The bad news is that the already-delayed game Animal Crossing will not be launched this fiscal year for the Japanese company and has been pushed back to an undisclosed date.

The mobile game versions of Fire Emblem and Animal Crossing have been a long time coming, as they have been pretty popular in the Wii U world. But their release have been delayed time and time again, and now Nintendo has once again pushed back the release of the latter to give way to the former. The Fire Emblem is now scheduled to be released by February 2, while Animal Crossing will come out next fiscal year, which may mean any time after March 31, since that’s when the company’s year ends.

Probably even more important for Super Mario fans is that the Android version of the endless runner based on the super popular game characters will finally come out in March. It was previously released for iOS devices just last December, much to the frustration of Android users everywhere. Hopefully there will also be no more delays as we want to be able to waste more time just playing the game when we should be doing something more productive (but less fun).

The mobile version of Animal Crossing will reportedly be connected to the whole world of the franchise so that you can also play it with other connected gaming systems. Meanwhile, Fire Emblem Heroes will have more of a role-playing strategy format while at the same time making it more accessible of course.

VIA: Kotaku