We have good news for all you Android gym buffs or users that love a good workout. Today Nike has finally released their somewhat popular Nike+ app for Android called Nike+ Running. This exercise and workout monitoring and tracking app has finally been expanded to the world of Android and is loaded full of features — it’s about time.

From tracking workouts and running with GPS, mid-run audio feedback like friends cheering you on (or teasing you about the cold Gatorade waiting at home) and tons of other features and options. Nike+ uses the handset’s GPS and accelerometer to record distance, pace and time, then breaks it all down post-run mile by mile and will compare to previous events.

Nike+ does have Facebook integration, but sadly doesn’t work with their Nike FuelBand (that should be getting an Android app this summer) but they did manage to integrate Google Music. The app pulls from Android users Google Music list and will playback all your favorites songs. You can sync and check out Nikeplus.com for maps of runs, details, and more. Start racking up those miles and get ready for summer with some GTL! Get Nike+ Running now from the Play Store.

[via SlashGear]