Despite the fact that sports giant Nike seemed cozier with Apple and its iOS devices, they released this week an Android version of the app for their smart band. The Nike+ FuelBand app lets users of the FuelBand SE connect their gear with their mobile phone of choice in order to monitor their progress with their health and fitness goals.

Instead of having that gym instructor shouting at you that you’re not doing your exercises right, you now have an app to tell you that your everyday lifestyle just isn’t cutting it if you want to lose that weight or simply just be healthier. Using Bluetooth technology, you can now sync all your lifestyle and health choices and turn the activities in what they call the NikeFuel.


After you’ve created your fitness program through the NikeFuel Daily Goal, the app can create sessions for you, to track some of your activities like walking from your house to your office or a straight workout session. You can now plot out how many sessions are you from reaching that target and set up memos and reminders to help yourself stay focused on this wellness project. There’s also a social component as well as you can compete with other FuelBand users and your own friends, through the Nike+Friends component .

This new app comes as a surprise as Nike had virtually written off creating apps for Android mobile devices. But it seems like they are once again looking at a larger market, aside from iOS device users, to get on board with not just their Fuelband wearable gadget but their lifestyle change as well. The app will work on Android gadgets running on 4.3 versions in the US, UK, Canadaian, German and Japanese market.

Download Fuelband at the Google Play Store