golf nike app

Into playing golf? I still don’t understand the game but I’ve got much respect for those who do play and excel in it. I know it can be difficult but it’s really not for me. And for those who still want to improve their golf game, there’s the Nike Golf 360 app to help motivate you and provide all the help you need. The app has been out on iOS but it’s only now Nike has released it for Android. The app is not new. In fact, it’s been on the App Store for two years so we’re wondering why it took Nike that long to bring the Nike Golf 360 to Android.

With the Nike Golf 360 app, you can score your rounds, track progress across stats, analyze performance, and see how you’ve improved. It features various tools like statistics tracking, training tips, golf-specific workout videos, and viewing of some of Nike Gold athletes like Rory and Togers’ swings frame by frame. What’s great about this app is the golf scoreboard that lets a maximum of four players to compete and play on the 26,000 pre-loaded courses from Europe and North America. You can sync your scores with the web service to track progress and history of your golf games.

If you do good on a game, you can earn trophies, capture and share photos of your winning round and numbers to friends and families on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. App is free to download and no in-app purchases are necessary. With this app, you can train like a pro, track your progress, and understand that golf really is a sport.

Download Nike Gold 360 from the Google Play Store