Today, Google announced that it is bringing Snapseed to Google Play. The new app is available now on Google Play. You can head to Google Play, to get the app now, although some users are getting errors when clicking on the link.

According to Google’s announcement, “great pictures aren’t taken, they’re made.” Snapseed is an app designed for making photos interesting and fun. Snapseed is sort of like a more advanced version of Instagram; going beyond just the basic filters without crossing into the advanced territories of something like Photoshop.

The app includes basic adjustments such as crop, tune, and straighten. It also comes with plenty of filters to give your photos a more personal feel. Some included filters are drama, black & white, and vintage. Each can be applied individually or in combination.

Another cool feature of Snapseed is what they call Control Point technology. This allows you to only edit a portion of your photo. For example, you could choose to only edit the face of a subject in the picture. As you would expect, you can share your creations to Google+ and other social networks.