We’re not yet done with all the new smartphones being announced this week. The next one is a unique model not from any brand we know but from a group known as FutureModel. The device is called as the ‘NichePhone-S’ and it makes an impression with its super small size. It’s the size of a standard credit card and it will definitely make a mark with its $88 price tag (10,000 yen). This tiny phone runs on Android OS and offers very basic smartphone usage and mobile computing.

The tiny phone looks simple in black or white. This pocket calculator like phone can allow you to make calls, send text messages, record voice memos, play audio files, connect to Bluetooth devices, and even tether and share 3G data. The Android phone is real but it only runs on an Android 4.2 (Android Jelly Bean). That is old but if you’re looking for a basic smartphone for extra use, this is one cool choice.

The NichePhone-S comes equipped with a nanoSIM card slot, MediaTek MT6572A processor, and a very small 550mAh battery. The batt is enough for the phone to last 72 hours or three days on standby mode or three hours straight of talk. It really is a simple and basic phone so don’t expect any dust- or water-resistance from this one.

NichePhone will be available for purchase beginning November 10 in Japan. Remember, this is a tiny phone in a card-like size. It’s 6.5mm thin and is very light at only 38g. We’re afraid you may damage it when not too careful but hey, it’s not really bad for a spare mobile phone.

VIA: FutureModel