This is a little reminder for all the NFL fans out there that today is the start of the official 2012 NFL Draft. Where all those college players hopes and dreams become a reality as they head to the NFL. If you can’t watch from home and you’re a Verizon customer you have the best mobile coverage available thanks to NFL Mobile.

With NFL Mobile from Verizon you’ll get minute by minute alerts of the 2012 NFL Draft. They even have status update alerts and you can set it so you get notifications each time your favorite team makes a move or decides on their pick. On top of tons of notification options they offer plenty of stats, videos, and even have a war room where you can argue your case and discuss picks and players will fellow fans.

The 2012 NFL Draft starts today, in a matter of minutes and will be going for a few days so you’ll want to stay tuned and get all your coverage from NFL Mobile. If you are a die hard fan you can even be alerted after every single draft pick in the first round, but that might kill some battery. If you want to hurry and read up on players the NFL Mobile app also has official NFL blogs inside for all the details one would ever need.

Good lucky and happy drafting.

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