I know plenty of you readers are just like me and have been sitting home wishing and hoping the NFL would just start already. The time has finally come, the lockout ended and things are starting to get back to normal. Today in the Android Market the official NFL Fantasy Football App was released and you can get it right here. Although I play plenty of Madden during the season, I find myself playing it even more during the off-season since there isn’t any football to watch. I’ve been going big the last few weeks with excitement.

FINALLY! They can get over all that other junk and get down to real business — and that is Football. For those that love fanstasy football the official NFL app is one of the best ways to keep track of everything. Managing your team doesn’t get any easier than with the NFL app especially while on the go or if you need to make a quick change at work (Who does that? I don’t).

The official NFL Fantasy app features include:

-Join or create a league
-Check live fantasy scoring
-Sit/Start and Add/Drop players
-Propose and accept trades
-Read up-to-the minute player news
-Manage teams in multiple leagues

If you used the NFL app last year you’ll quickly notice the 2011 version has some new user interface changes, plenty of custom icons and more. Being able to quickly join leagues and get everything set up sure is nice. I’ve already got two of my own, not counting the big league with my old work buddies where most likely I’ll be winning the cash prize this year. Trust me I’m going to win just like the Packers will — Go Green Bay!

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