Today is the day, and what day is that some of you android nerds might say, Draft Day 2011. Today is the NFL Draft and it should be exciting for sure. With all the drama around the NFL lockout as of late, I can only imagine this being a little different than the past few years, but teams still need to draft well and trust me they will be trying their hardest. So for those like me that are Android, and NFL nerds I’ve decided to post a little information to help you all follow the NFL Draft on our favorite phones.

I wont get to much into the NFL part of this, or mention I think the Panthers will pass on Cam Newton and go for someone else. Do they really need two over-rated QB’s. Oops! did I just say that. Maybe the Cardinals will get lucky and get Newton instead, we will see. For now I’m just going to give you guys a few suggestions for applications for our android devices so we can enjoy the draft if we can’t be watching from home, or our computers. This isn’t quite a round-up, just more of a few of my top suggestions for android apps.

First off I’m starting with NFL Mobile, available exclusively for Verizon Customers and I wish I had it. It has recently been updated to help you all follow the NFL Draft for 2011 and it is top notch, as always. You lucky Verizon customers get FREE live coverage of the NFL Draft without paying for the NFL app fee. Can’t get any better than that.

For everyone else like me that is not on Verizon, we have to find something else but luckily for us there is some great alternatives. NFL Enterprises have a few apps of their own and they have just been updated last week to be ready for the draft. I suggest you take this route and get NFL ’11 Lite available in the Android Market here. It may not have live coverage like the NFL Mobile app but you will be able to keep track of everything pretty good.

The NFL also offer a premium version of the new NFL 2011 app called NFL Premium also in the Android Market here. It features basically everything the lite version has and more. Draft Alerts, Team Needs, News and more. Get this if you want the full paid version.

My last suggestion is an app I use most in general for sports because it has a little of everything, and it does it Well. Yahoo! Live Scores. It has just been updated today to also feature things like live updates, as well as NFL draft alerts so this is your best choice for the rest of us. I’d highly recommend you download Live Scores from the market here if you like sports in general. It is a great app overall and I use it to follow everything. They offer all types of Widgets so you can get up to date sports news right to your home screen.

So there you have it, those are my suggestions for a few great applications for Android to help everyone follow the 2011 NFL Draft. It is today starting soon so you better hurry and get your apps ready, your widgets set up and draft alerts for your team of choice set up and all ready to go. I know I’m set, but I’ll be watching from home myself. You never know what might happen this year, the Bengals might even pass on A.J. Green and go for a QB themselves, as they’ve had some controversy in that position lately. I’m excited to see how this all plays out and I hope you guys enjoy it also with a few of the above suggested apps. Go Packers!