Who loves Football? For those not in the US I’m talking about the NFL. Preseason is off to a great start. The regular season is almost here and although we love Android, many also love NFL just as we do. For those interesting in following their teams progress and pre-season you can watch every single game live, or on demand with the official NFL app, but it’ll cost ya.

The NFL offers a Preseason Live package for only $20 and you’ll get to see any and every game live, or on demand from any computer or even your favorite Android tablets. Just head to NFL.com/preseason for more details. Sadly we are hearing pretty terrible reports when it comes to the actual Android app, and it is only available for tablets with no smartphone support. You can still watch on a computer though.

For those interested you can get the NFL Preseason Live 2012 app from the Google Play Store. It is a free download but will require a subscription to the $20 Live subscription, but for those die-hard fans this should be perfect. Hopefully the app will work better for some than what we are seeing in the reviews section, because it isn’t looking good. The app was just recently updated and hopefully another is on the way to fix a few pesky bugs.

The season has started off great. Manning is throwing balls again, Rodgers will be amazing as always, and Tebow will continue to be popular simply for taking his shirt off — and that’s all. We can’t comment on the quality of the Android app, but using the service on a computer last year was amazing and I watched every game of my Packers. Head to the links above and enjoy your favorite NFL teams.

As a reminder, Verizon users can get NFL Mobile for awesome content as well.