Perhaps you’ve got a Nexus S, and perhaps you’ve been totally fine with everything it’s capable of (and it’s capable of a lot!) but you’ve got one problem – random rebooting. Not ok! So what do you do? You do like WestindiesKING did, and report it to Google! This is exactly what happened back a few days ago on the 29th of December [See Here]. Now there’s a brand new response from Ry_Guy (a Google official) which says that indeed they have been able to reproduce this error, and are working on it.

Open and shut case, right? Not quite. We’re still waiting on a fix for this problem since the response from Google was a few days ago (7th of January.) Are you having this problem? Do you have some insight that would be helpful to Google in figuring it out? We encourage you to head over to the forum there at Google Mobile to post any help you may have. If you’ve not had this problem, just chill, and if it happens to you, report it! – thanks for the tip, Kipples!

[Via GoogleMobile]