Behold! Craziness with your Nexus S, all after you put your root down and get to business. Voodoo business. What XDA forum member supercurio says is that this is the first kernel to implement Ext4 mount options optimization as well as the first Optimized kernel for Nexus S ever. What this particular project does is to bring your Nexus S back to the pre-compiled kernel shipped on your device (or close to it.) And what’s that do? Makes it “very snappy.”

You can check out the instructions you’ll need over on [XDA forums], and don’t forget to give that guy some feedback because for goodness sakes he doesn’t even own a Nexus S yet and he’s helping the whole world to make theirs faster and more awesome. — He notes that your Quadrant score should increase from 1650 to 2420 – sound fast enough?

[Via XDA Forums]