Mister Jean-Baptiste Queru, a fellow who lives inside the Android Building, lets the world know today that the latest official graphics drivers for crespo (aka the Nexus S hardware) are available for free download from Google’s servers. These drivers work with the Android platform source code named android-2.3.1_r1, and Queru reminds us all to be well read on the included license terms so that you do no anger the Google gods who have been so kind to us and are deserving of our gratitude. Bow down before them!

Kneel before them for they give us free stuff. Queru lets you know to “run the self-extracting script from the root of the source tree (that script is contained in the archive), do a clean build of full_crespo-userdebug (which is part of the lunch menu), and the resulting system will support graphics acceleration (including 3D launcher, live wallpapers, camera preview).”

He goes on to thank the people at Imagination Technologies and Google for helping the Android team step into the future, and lets us know that they’re working with vendors to extend the list of drivers that have downloads such as these available, and are working with those same vendors to “distribute the Nexus S factory images.”


md5: 2637a15b6a645a1d072ad83c2b50daca
sha1: 0736b7ba5b1cb77f490b45ad5d264bc339d258ba

Take a peek at that downlod link here: imgtec-crespo-grh78-12c7db93.tgz

[Via Android Building]