This is the first over the air update to Nexus S and it’s coming in just SIX DAYS after its initial release. This update brings the system up to version GRH78 and contains several important bug fixes and the latest version of maps. If you’d like to wait for the update like a Patient Patty you can do so, but if you’d like to get the update directly from Google right this moment, follow the instructions below.

Before you start, note that this update has given some people the dreaded “Error Status 7” error, so watch out for that. If it works for you, or gives this same error, please let us know!

1. Download the file you’ll need directly from Google right here

2. Rename it to and put it on the root of your internal storage.

3. Shut your phone down and reboot into bootloader by simply holding volume up and powering on.

4. Use your volume buttons to choose “recovery” from the list that’ll pop up and select it using your power button.

5. When the red triangle appears, press volume up and power together one more time and a list of options will show up, allowing you to choose “update.”

6. Head on over to our forums or feel free to comment here once you’ve done all this fun stuff and are finding out what’s up with the new system. Candy? Let us know!

Thanks Jake!