It’s unclear whether the following series is actually officially affiliated with Google or if it’s a fun project done by a fan, but what is clear is that these ad spots are awesome and hilarious. This series follows the epic journey of a man who gets caught underneath a vending machine at the office he works at and has to continue working as Assistant Regional Manager despite the fact that he remains stuck under the machine the entire series of five videos, and he wants to be called El Vendor! Where does Android come in?

Speech to Text Emails, Google Translate, some sort of porn app, and all of this on a Nexus S, though they never call it that by name. In fact, the only thing they say is that the phone is an Android smartphone, nothing else named. Further evidence that these might be unofficial to be seen in episode 5 where the interviewee says a swearword. Harsh!

Director: Greg Bell
Editor: Julie Drazen

[Thanks for the tip, G!]