Google’s first device that isn’t a smartphone or tablet, the Nexus Q, is finally shipping from the Google Play Store. Yup, that oddly shaped and designed black ball of social video-streaming goodness is now available. Being listed as in stock today for the low price of $299.

You could just call it a media Orb, and I doubt anyone would argue with you. The thought and idea behind the Nexus Q is a rather good one, and hacks have been allowing it market access and a few other neat things. Sadly I’ve still not decided what I think about Google’s magic 8 ball. YouTube streaming works quite well, and controlling it from my new Nexus 7 tablet is nice — but I already have OnDemand, Netflix, and of course Showtime for my Dexter fix.

Announced and tossed up for pre-order last month at Google IO the Nexus Q is currently $299, and should be arriving on doorsteps in the next 3-5 days for those who’ve ordered. The device has potential, running on Android, but the high price I’m sure has a few holding back. If this was $149, or even $99 it would be an awesome little gadget.

So now that the Nexus Q is available, who will be taking the plunge and giving it a try? Hey at least you can play Pong or Brickles with it.

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[via Play Store]