For those of you outside of the United States waiting to get your hands on Google’s poster child for Android TV – that is of course the round wonder that is the Nexus Player – we’re glad to tell you that the TV and gaming console has just been made available in a few other countries. Excited?

These include Australia, Austria (don’t worry, they really are available in both countries), Denmark, Finland, Italy, Norway, Spain, Sweden, and Switzerland. If there’s a Google Store in these countries, then the Nexus Player should be available there. If not, it should be available online through the Google Play Store. It might take a while for local retailers to get stock.

We realize that apart from Australia, this just looks like a swath of European countries – and it really is. There’s nothing even remotely close to Asia — apart from Japan which already has it in market — but we hope that changes soon. Hopefully, Google will open doors to Asian markets as well.


It should be good for these new countries to hear that the pricing of the Nexus Player will be more or less around the USD$100 price in the US. In Australia, we are hearing that the pricing will be around AUS$140 – because electronics are just a tad bit more expensive down under. The ASUS gaming controller that officially pairs with the Nexus Player should soon follow availability, although the Nexus Player will pair with any Bluetooth-compliant gaming controller.

VIA: Android Police