Sports fans wanting another place where they can keep up with their favorite teams will be glad to hear that they can now watch live NBA games on the Nexus Player. The NBA Game time app is now on Google Play. Fans will need a NBA League Pass to watch games via the app.

Baseball fans can also now get the MLB.TV app for Android TV devices on Google Play. To enjoy games on the app, fans will need a MBA.TV Premium subscription. With that subscription fans will be able to watch full games in the archive and recaps from all 2014 regular season and postseason games.


When April 6 rolls around, fans will be able to follow the 2015 MLB season live, but the games will be subject to blackout restrictions. Both of the apps are on Google Play now.

Sports fans who are using Chromecast devices might be a bit irked that the Game Time app isn’t available for their device. Perhaps that will come next.

SOURCE: Official Android