Do you think you’re smarter than an iPhone user? A new study shows that you, the Android user, are not. British betting company Ladbroke’s asked a sampling of people to take the Test of Wits, but first asked which mobile device they used. While iPhone users took the overall  title, Nexus users are the smartest Android users.

Of course, we’re going to poke holes in this. First, it was a mere 2,000 folks, so probably not indicative of smartphone users as a whole. Also, there was no indication as to demographics sampled, so we can’t say the playing field was even. Like all studies or samplings, we take it for what it is, and not to heart.

The test is made up of seven questions, and meant to gauge overall intelligence. Using your answers and response time, the test then aims to tell you just how brilliant you are. Or aren’t. How many months have 28 days? Think carefully — but quickly!

Either way, it’s all fun and games, so we’ll let the iOS kids have this one. We prefer to be positive, and will at least take solace in the fact we’re not Blackberry users, who were dead last. If you’re wondering, the average iPhone user finished five seconds faster than the second place Google Nexus user. Third place went to Samsung device users, who took a few extra seconds beyond stock Android, and HTC was just behind them to round out Android.


So, is stock Android really the smartest choice? Well, the best and brightest clearly use it, so yes… yes, it is. Is HTC the worst Android choice? Makes Sense. As for Windows Phone or Blackberry… there really isn’t much to say in their defense.

Also, the answer is 12. There are 12 months with 28 days. Did you think “one, duh. February!”? Yeah, it might be time to ditch that HTC for a Nexus.