One of the best selling points of the Google Nexus One was that it was common knowledge that the device would be updated immediately to Google’s most current operating system. With all devices, the life cycle has to end sometime, but Froyo is not the final update for the Nexus One.

Google’s Nexus Twitter has just tweeted that the Gingerbread OTA will be coming, and coming soon. It reads:

The Gingerbread OTA for Nexus One will happen in the coming weeks. Just hang tight!

Even though Nexus One owners have had the oppertunity to get their hands on a Gingerbread ROM, after Christmas and New Years we can expect the official update for Nexus One owners.

[Via Twitter]


  1. This is absolute crap. There is no way it should take that long considering gingerbread was developed on a nexus one. This is just Samsung forcing Google to have an exclusivity period on the nexus s. Way to screw over the people who actually supported your vision for the sake o crap company yet to upgrade their.flagship line to the no outdated froyo when they have gingerbread working on it hardware clone.

  2. Actually, Gingerbread was developed on the Nexus S, not the Nexus One.

    The N1 is no longer alone, the Nexus S is the new flagship Google Experience phone. I for one am pleased to see they’re maintaining top-notch support for us N1 users.

    I generally expect about a 4-6 week window between SDK release and OTA to my N1; it sounds like they’ll be even quicker this time.

  3. Yeah, seriously… Look at the updates and support the N1 gets versus any other phone out on the market. The Nexus S seems ok, but not worth the upgrade in my opinion, especially since Google has been so great with updating the N1 to the latest and greatest. It was the first to have Froyo, but I don’t care if it’s not the first to have Gingerbread… it certainly isn’t last in line.

  4. This is ridiculous. I purchased a Nexus One under the guise that it would be the first to get the latest software updates from Google. This is obviously not the case.

    This waiting game is more of a marketing ploy rather than compatibility if you ask me. They are pushing the Nexus S in ads constantly as THE gingerbread phone to have. The Nexus One was the flagship phone for developers and techies. Now it’s being left in the dust by poor update timetables and forgotten promises.

    I feel a little gipped. Mark my words, when Android Ice Cream hits the streets, the Nexus S will NOT be the first to get it. It will be another new phone, Google will capitalize on the new platform hype as they are doing now, and the Nexus S will get a taste of the medicine that was dished out to the N1. It all comes down to hardware sales. There is no profit in prioritizing updates to a handset that will not produce new sales.

    At least Apple’s pushes iOS updates to most devices homogeneously (unless you are on 2G iphone). You must give them credit for that.

  5. Totally agree. I am a N1 owner and was expecting more, expecting to be the first. Nexus One has nothing to envy Nexus S and still don’t understand why we haven’t for Gingerbread by now


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