Pretty much, the title says it all. When Google’s Phone Store went down, there was confirmation from the house that built Android that the Nexus One, in effect, wouldn’t be going down with it. In fact, the handset would still be sold courtesy of wireless carriers around the globe, like Vodafone. But, thanks to a new document, it looks like T-Mobile (you know, the wireless carrier in the States that supports the Nexus One) won’t be included in that list.

The document is of the leaked internal sorts. And, it clearly states that the Nexus One will still be supported by T-Mobile, like in the ways of billing and customer support, but that’s where the line gets drawn. Google marketed and sold the Nexus One — not T-Mobile, and they don’t have any plans to start now. That’s, for all intents and purposes, some of the worst pieces of news we’ve heard in a long time. Hopefully you already got yours.

[via Tmo News]