No, the update isn’t Gingerbread. Thought I would get that out of the way before describing this new update that the Nexus one has received. The update size is 1.3 MB and is named FRG83D. Check out the full features of this OTA update after the break.

Here are the full features of the update:

  • Updates to the core and framework JARs
  • Updates to the Dalvik VM and Webcore libraries
  • Updates to the Email, Google Services Framework and Market packages.
  • A couple of other very minor patches

Google has yet again teased us with this update. With every new OTA that is pushed up I smell gingerbread cookies, and then I realize its only a regular peanut butter cookie. Oh well, we’ll just have to keep on waiting for gingerbread to finally come to our devices. As for downloading the new update, you can either do it on your device or hit the source link below and download it there.

Via [XDA Developers]


  1. I kept getting the same thing, so when I heard that Google was releasing OTA updates for manually updated N1’s I jumped on that bandwagon. If you manually update your N1, then you’ll get the update.


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