So you’d like to jam to some sweet beats and Baxter’s morning show in the morning at your desk or, if you’re like me, in your completely comfortable and cushy chair, but all you’ve got is a Nexus One? Fear not, ye hoper for the impossible, for now there is a hack. Nexus One, it turns out, ships with hardware that’s completely capable of running a radio station through it. Learn how below!

So, all you’ve got to do is ROOT your Nexus One first, then get yourself one of these lovely custom ROMS: Cyanogen Mod (nightly), or NxSense (with Sense UI), both of them oh-so-easy to find and impliment. Cyanogen Mod seems to use up your batteries faster but runs much quicker, while NxSense has HTC Sense UI. Learn to root in this fabulous video:”580″ height=”344″[/youtube]

[Via Android NG]