That didn’t take long at all, the Nexus One is starting to show up at retail stores. The lack of hands on experience and seeing the device in person is a big part of the slow sales of the first “super phone”. Google stated that this device will show up in brick and mortar stores but none of thought it would happen this soon.

IWireless, an authorized T-Mobile affiliate, appear to be the first lucky contestant in offering the Nexus One. Since they are partners, I fully expect this handset to make its way into T-Mobile retail shops soon. For the small fee of $299, rebate included, this device can be you’re with a new 2 year contract from iWireless.

Currently you can get the Nexus from Google’s phone store for $179 with a 2 year contract on T-Mobile. But nothing beats being able to into the store and play with it before you buy it. If you ask me you can’t go wrong with purchasing this device. It is fast, sexy and will receive updates from Google way before any other device. If iWireless is in your area, you will soon be able to see the Nexus in person or you can click this link and purchase it now.

[via tmonews]