If you bought the Nexus One on Vodafone, you got Android 2.1. No surprise there, considering it was the phone to launch the mobile OS into the world. But, with that being said, everyone who owns a Nexus One has either been waiting patiently to get their official upgrade to Froyo (which was released by Google a little while ago), especially those on carriers. Getting updates from your wireless carrier can be a bit of a pain, as all Motorola Droid owners know, but Vodafone is hoping to calm of their wireless customers down here next week.

Vodafone has announced that, beginning next week, Vodafone customers that own the Nexus One will be able to upgrade their OS to the official, Vodafone-approved Android 2.2 system. The update isn’t going to get dumped on all of the Nexus Ones at the same time, though. As usual, it will be a staggered roll-out, so you’ll have to be a bit more patient, probably.

And, if you’re curious as to why it took a bit of time before Vodafone pulled the trigger on this one, you’ll probably be ecstatic to know that they’ve had to tweak a few things in the system. Like, getting rid of the Amazon MP3 Store, as well as Google Goggles. There’ll be a few more tweaks here and there, but hopefully nothing major. And you’ll be able to download both of those features from the Market. Also, worth mentioning: the WiFi tethering application? The first time you turn it on, it will be open for everyone to see. So, if you don’t want people hijacking your data, make sure to password protect it as soon as you can.

[via Android Central]


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