The folks over at T-MoNews got their hands on some leaked screenshots from inside T-Mobile (shown below). Apparently, existing subscribers of the carrier who are eligible to upgrade to the Google Nexus One will now be able to buy the handset for only $279.

But if you are one of those early adopters who paid the $379, do not fret, $100 will be refunded to you and within 14 business days that money will be in your pockets again. It appears the money will be coming from Google itself, and you should hear from the search giant starting today.

In another T-Mobile news, insurance is now available for the Nexus One (see image below). The carrier is now offering its Premium Handset Protection (PHP) for customers who got the Android Handset from Google unlocked and also to those who bought a subsidized handset from T-Mobile, you have up to 14 days after purchase to add the insurance. The price is $4.79 per month, and if you need a replacement, the deductible will set you back $130 for the new Nexus One.


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